Benelex Flying Colours of Warpaint (Imp Russia)



PRA & PKdef N/N


                                                                                         Sire: Benelax Black Jack  X   Dam: Benelex Crystal Baby

                                            (Melanistic)                                 (Seal Silver Mink)                                 

I have ventured into the varied colours of the Bengal.

      This was not my intention but I was looking for a new stud boy and came across the  advert for him!                                  

   All of my girls do carry for colour so my future litters should be very interesting!

   This boy has a 'velcro' temperament...he just wants to be with me and stroked on a permanent basis!





                                      I AM LOOKING FOR A PET HOME FOR DILLON

                                                    Volgabengal Dillon of Warpaint (Imp Russia)


                             (Anjali Shining Star)                                                                                                                        (Levinser Lucky)

           Sire: Sunstorm Braveheart(Imp Ireland)                        Dam: Kaiserbengal Sheri

                                          (Anjali All That Glitters)                                                                                                                    (Sunstorm Lola)

                            When I saw the advert that Irina had placed selling her three boys,  I knew I had to have 'Dillon'    

                                                             He is everything I wanted in my Bengal.

                                                           Super clear pale background coat colour.

                                                                 Dark outlined irregular markings.

                                     Small ears.....thick tail....long muscular body  with plenty of boning. 

                                                      His super pedigree is the icing on the cake (cat)

                                                      Thank you Irina for allowing him to come to me.         


 Corsicana Inxs of Warpaint (Imp Russia)

                       (Legacie Jaxx)                                (Bengalivo Without Words)

       Sire: Palnihills Alain        X      Dam: Myanmar Michelle

                (Wowbengals Campari)                        (Elysor Shiny Satin)

What a wonderful boy 'Michael is!

 Great colour...markings...a nice big boy...with a good laid back temperament.

All this and a pedigree to go with it!

He is producing wonderful kittens to different girls which is the sign of a true 'sire'

 I could not be happier!