Shirley A Hanson

                                                                                      Rutherfordton NC. 28139

                                                                                        Cell: 828-755-7457

                                       Email:  [email protected]

                                                                                        UPDATED MAY 26.2019

                                          MY CATS HAVE ALL BEEN TESTED FOR PRA and PKDef.

                                                                        Results as requested.   

           I have a small in home cattery which means that I am very selective in my breeding programme.

      Every care is given to my kittens to ensure that they go to their new homes well socialised and happy!

                  I have been breeding Bengal's since 1996, being one of the first breeders in Australia.

                 With the gene pool very limited it did not take long before I imported a girl from the US.  

                            Then followed many more imports from Canada, UK and the US.

     I unfortunately had to cut short my breeding in 2012 due to health problems, selling all my beloved cats.

   After my quadruple bypass in Oct.2012 I decided to move to the US to live with my son and daughter in law.

         I moved to NC in 2013 but never thought I would once again start cut the story short.

                                          I am now back breeding Bengals but on a much smaller scale this time.

                                                                        THEY ARE ADDICTIVE.

                                 Kitten prices vary quite drastically between pet...breeder ....or show kittens!

                       I will be pricing my kittens reasonable, but they will increase in value according to quality

                                       Each kitten is evaluated for type, markings and pattern. 

 I will try to make sure my prospective buyers get the kitten they are looking for this is very important to me!